For our future owners     

Before you come to our kennel for a puppy, you must be sure that:

  • none of your family members have an animal allergy
  • all members of your family not only really want a dog, but are also ready to sacrifice their free time, morning sleep and joint family vacation for the sake of the puppy
  • you are sure that “nature has no bad weather”, and you can satisfy your dog’s needs for walks and in the rain and snowfall, as well as when you are tired from work or show your favorite series on TV
  • you are ready to accept that your favorite shoes, TV remote control, smartphone or any other valuable thing that is not cleaned in time can easily be spoiled forever - for a growing puppy it does not represent value, but becomes just a “new toy”
  • henceforth, the dog is a full member of your family, which, like everyone, may require expensive treatment, and you also need to be prepared for this!


9 June 2024 kennel "Skandi Sanraiz"
have four puppies - two boys and two girls

Father: Golden Supreme Times Square

Golden retriever: Golden Supreme Times Square

Mother: Сканди Санрайз Текила

Golden retriever: Skandi Sanraiz Tekila